Andy's Shave soap is world famous

Welcome to Andy's Shave!

Andy's Shave is a 21st-century soap maker, shaving consultant, apothecary, and content creator, based in Ottawa.

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Vintage razors, handmade soaps (including the famous shaving soap that started it all), soothing aftershave, one-of-a-kind official ceramic Andy's Shave shaving bowls–you'll be surprised at all the stuff we have to offer here at Andy's Shave. 

Great Gift Ideas

Looking for a unique gift for a special person in your life? Imagine the joy an Andy's Shave gift bundle will bring! Get in touch now to put together a personalized bundle of goodies.

Unique Content

Andy's Shave also creates it's very own content. Music, videos, essays, live footage of a horse named Misty–who knows what we'll get up to! Not me, and that's kind of the point.

Currently Featured: Concussion article

For example, who ever would have guessed that Andy's Shave might be hosting a long-form overview of some medical research on concussions? Not me, but it is happening

Andy's Shave Records

Andy's Shave Records is proud to dip it's toe into the waters with it's inaugural release. Stay tuned for original releases from Canada's finest.

Delivery and/or Consultations

Can't get away? Lazy? Want to surprise someone? Andy's Shave home delivery or full consultation service might be just what you are looking for. If you are in the service area, you might be eligible.

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ANDY'S SHAVE 24 HR HOTLINE 613 263-9762