Andy's Shave is a one-of-a-kind business, specializing in all things shaving. We are committed to providing an alternative to the expensive, wasteful racket that is today's shaving landscape.

From handmade shaving soap (secret ingredient: beef tallow from Murray St.) and aftershave, to vintage razors that last, Andy's Shave makes a great gift for you, or the shaver in your life. 

  • Handmade shaving soap, aftershave
  • Razors that last
  • Hand-thrown ceramic shaving bowls
  • Shaving consultations
  • Gift packages

Why might anyone need a shaving consultant?

  • Save money
  • Less wasteful
  • You don't like being pushed around by large corporations who changed their business model to be more expensive and wasteful
  • Learn some proper technique
  • Enjoy your shave